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The London Program

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The London Program offers intensive seminars in London for University of Utah students. Students in these courses explore the cultural resources of London according to the focus of each seminar, guided by our faculty and by our colleagues in various institutions in Great Britain. These courses are offered during a five-week period early each summer. The program is made possible by the Gordon B. Hinckley Endowment for British Studies.

Past Themes:

2011: The Bloomsbury Group and England Between the Wars: 1910-1939

2012: Graphic London

2013: Street Scenes: Imagining London from Blake to Post-Colonialism (Professors Stacey Margolis and Matthew Potolsky)

2014: Underground London: Crime and Disorder, 1720-1840 (Professors Scott Black and Andrew Franta)

2015: Cabinets of Wonder: Art, Literature, and the Logic of Display (Professors Paisley Rekdal and Lela Graybill [Art history])

Program for Summer 2016: Filth, Fog, and Fantasy




May 14-June 18, 2016

Course Description

London has long been known for its pea soup fog, the atmospheric backdrop to countless films and stories. Using sites and works particular to the city and its "London Particular" (another name for the particulate mixture of Thames mist and chimney soot), this seminar will investigate the ways in which fog intersects with issues of labour and economics, landscape and environmental studies, gender, and media (from the telegraph to the nature of film itself, and remembering that the production of paper and ink was directly tied, until well into the 20th century, to dust-producing rag recycling and soot-based pigments). We will consider a range of works from Romantic sonnets to avant-garde films, Impressionist paintings to detective stories, Victorian novels to modern short stories.



Students earn 6 hours of University of Utah Credit, 3 credit hours in English 5660 (a repeatable course). With permission, the course may also be used to fulfill the Advanced Seminar requirement for the English Department.

Honors credit can also be awarded with permission from the Honors College. Participation in the program will fulfill the Bachelor degree International Requirement.

Travel Dates

Depart U.S. May 14
Arrive London May 15
Depart London June 18


Students will live in Regent's College, a campus situated in Central London in Regent's Park. Facilities include computers and internet access, a library, a dining hall, and convenience stores. Classes will also meet in the college buildings.

Program Cost

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Eligibility Requirements

Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
Minimum age of 18

U of U Students, students at other colleges or universities, alumni and qualified members of the community are welcome to apply to participate in U of U study abroad programs.

Application Deadline

15 February 2016

Program Directors

Craig Dworkin
Anne Jamison 

Application Process

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Search and Apply"
  3. If you are a current U of U student, click "U of U Students" to log in using your uNID and CIS password. If you are not a current U of U student, click "Non-U of U Students" to create a user account.
  4. Search for the program you wish to apply for by clicking Search Programs. To narrow your search you can select Destination. You can also select "Faculty-Led" under "Type" to see only University of Utah summer faculty-led programs
  5. Once you find the program, click "Apply"
  6. The following are the main steps in the application:

$500 program deposit paid at the Cashier's Window in SSB 105. You will download a payment form from the online application to take to the Cashier and then submit to the Study Abroad Office once it has been stamped "Paid".

A one page personal statement descirbing how the program meets your academic and personal goals for the study abroad program. You will be able to upload your statement into your online application.

One letter of recommendation from a university level instructor. In the online application, you will submit the name and email of the person you wish to be your recommender. Once you enter that information, an email will automatically be sent to that person requesting a recommendation. The recommender will then complete an on,ine recommendation forjm. Please note: It is essential that you contact he recommender before you enter their email address to s/he is aware that you wwould like them to complete a recommendation.

All applications will be reviewed by the Program Director(s) and Study Abroad Advisor to determine eligibility. You will be notified through your Umail address regarding your acceptance into the program.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the components of your application are completed prior to the application deadline.

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